“Right away you learn that writer Suzanne Berne establishes tone and theme in an impressive and deceptively simple way. . . . You know her story and her style are going to be worth your time and hers-and you are hooked. . . . The telling is as exciting and as elegant as the story being told.”—USA Today

“Captivating. . . . A Crime in the Neighborhood is an elegantly told story, possessing enough psychic energy to take a few awful occurrences and weave from them a tapestry of memory and longing.”—Boston Globe

“[A] very marvelous story. . . . Berne has crafted a child’s disillusionment that mirrors a greater disaffection.”—Newsday

“First-time novelist Suzanne Berne has crafted a compelling narrator who recounts her younger self with lucidity and compassion.” —US Magazine

“A richly textured novel in which a child’s murder rocks a once-peaceful neighborhood.” —Redbook

“To read Suzanne Berne’s disturbing first novel is to enter a world of stifling boredom and barely suppressed cruelty, to move beyond the middle-class ennui of Cheever and Updike and closer to the twisted pathology of David Lynch. . . . Berne is at her best when she explores the darkness lurking in all of us, when she draws us in and makes us feel complicitous.”—New Orleans Times-Picayune