A “complex emotional minuet, [in which] no one is blameless. . . . Fixing on [sisters] Cynthia and Frances with ferocious focus and narrative drive, Berne lets that gate swing wide open.”—Elle

“A great read…Berne cooks up a literary feast.  Her tactile descriptions and enigmatic characters saturate the story and provide a filling repast…This substantial tale of a dysfunctional family reunion promises a holiday, and a read, to remember.”—Kirkus, starred review

“A taut psychological drama . . . . Berne takes an inherently dramatic conflict . . . and ratchets up the stakes with astute observation and narrative cunning.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Suzanne Berne’s novel is perfect reading as you head off to your family’s Thanksgiving celebration. Perfect if you like compelling characters, acerbic insights and a gimlet-eyed look at the intense bonds between siblings.”—USA Today

“Sisterly relationships are the driving force in this novel. Berne shows through several generations of this family as well as through the daughters of Mark Twain in an interesting allegorical touch, the psychological interaction of sisters and the roles they assume throughout life.”—Denver Post

“Berne plumbs the rich possibilities of a few juicy literary ingredients: a snowy Thanksgiving weekend, a creaky old Concord colonial, and two semi-estranged sisters with opposing versions of childhood events–including the details of their mother’s death. The Ghost at the Table stirs this all up, adds a fine cast of supporting characters, and throws in the twist of an increasingly unreliable narrator. . . . Berne has a talent for wreaking havoc in the midst of utter domesticity.” —Boston Phoenix