The Dogs of Littlefield

praise for The Dogs of Littlefield

"A compelling, poignant yet unsentimental novel that examines life, love and loss. Original and brilliant" –Sunday Mirror

"Nuanced, thoroughly enjoyable, excellent" –Guardian

"Very well­written, devastating and funny ... insightful, too. Highly recommended" –Daily Mail

"Brilliantly done. Gentle and often moving" –Sunday Times

"Well-observed shrewd satire . . . sharp, funny and painful. Berne takes the domestic and turns it into the majestic" –Sunday Telegraph

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Missing Lucile

praise for Missing Lucile

“A lovely, melancholic biography of her grandmother...[Missing Lucile is] A lyrical character sketch, vivid even through the smoky glass of time.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Suzanne Berne intuits her way into her grandmother’s life, creating a story and at the same time reminding us that all storytelling involves a delicate piecing together of fact and rich imagination. A beautiful and subtle piece of writing.” —Joan Wickersham, author of The Suicide Index

“Applying exceptional intelligence and a novelist's imagination to 'snips of historical DNA,' Suzanne Berne finds that Lucile has been waiting for her, all along, at the intersection of social history and private heartbreak.”—Thomas Mallon, author of Henry and Clara and Yours Ever: People and Their Letters

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The Ghost at the Table

praise for The Ghost at the Table

“From its emotionally intricate first paragraph, Suzanne Berne's The Ghost at the Table is a crash course in sibling rivalry, with its cutthroat dueling for dominance and parental love. . . . The intersection of memory and morality is where this compelling novel makes its home.” —O: The Oprah Magazine

“A witty, moving and psychologically astute story about siblings and the disparate ways they remember common experiences from childhood. . . . Wholly engaging, the perfect spark for launching a rich conversation around your own table once the dishes have been cleared.” —Washington Post Book World

“The Ghost at the Table will haunt you long after you have read the final page. You may feel compelled to return, to assure yourself you have understood who's telling the truth or even what the truth is. . . Berne is masterful. She weaves wonderfully well the dark facts Cynthia brandishes of sisters past with the murky unfinished business of this Thanksgiving gathering.”—Chicago Tribune

“Here is an utterly unique take on the arrangements we call family, asking the age-old question in a brand new way: What are the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, the stories we tell of others? Tucked into the page-turning suspense found here are subtle surprising truths.” —Elizabeth Strout, author of Olive Kitteridge

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A Perfect Arrangement

praise for A Perfect Arrangement

“A probing, intelligent exploration of a contemporary family with a strong sense of entitlement. . . . A Perfect Arrangement has at its heart the ability of human beings to let their own needs distort their vision, at great cost. . . . [A] penetrating, beautifully written novel.” —New York Times Book Review

“An ineffable scariness pervades Suzanne Berne’s two novels. . . . Berne uses familiar circumstances to explore the treacheries, big and small, that invade family relationships. . . . A Perfect Arrangement shows enormous intelligence about expectations, and what people hide from themselves and palm off on each other.”—Washington Post Book World

“Has any novelist written so well on contemporary family life? Not likely—for even if the talent were there, it would take considerable guts to do what Suzanne Berne has done in A Perfect Arrangement.” —Hartford Courant

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A Crime in the Neighborhood

praise for A Crime in the Neighborhood

“Suzanne Berne’s haunting novel of childhood memory, A Crime in the Neighborhood, immerses the reader in a situation where repressed emotions produce intolerable, complex results. Sparingly written and full of insight, [it is] a stunning novel of rare quality.” —Orange Prize citation

“A remarkable first novel that captures the history of child-parent relations in the last quarter-century, from the adults’ betrayal to the new generation’s revenge.”— New York Times Book Review, Notable Books of 1997 citation

“Through seamless narrative structure, an extraordinary sense of lightness and suspense and a deeply affecting conclusion, Berne’s debut delivers a resonant portrait of a girl’s, a community’s, and a country’s loss of innocence.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

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